Q Marine has a wide product palette and further derivatives, or special marine spill response products made of marine grade aluminium, stainless steel and engineering textiles can be designed and produced on request. We are using cutting edge technologies for design and development, where all products are first modelled with 3D CAD systems to assure perfect fit and finish. Then, analytical as well FEA tools are used on demand for design verification to deliver our customers a durable product.

Q Marine has a marine engineering heritage of over 25 years for operation and engineering particularly in oil spill response and our team having a solid industrial background cooperates within our supply chain and with universities whenever required.

All integrated power units, equipment and similar accessories are always selected from reputable brands and the final quality control is done inhouse in our Yalova Plant before assembly, during manufacturing and after production finishes, where dimension control, tightness tests, submersed water/ oil tests for performance beside material tests are possible.