Q Decontamination Tank

The Q Decontamination Tank is a durable unit that features easy installation as well as multi-purpose use for personnel or equipment.

Lightweight and portable, the Q Decontamination Tank is designed for safe and efficient decontamination operations with easy installation.

Its high tensile strength fabric is suitable for all weather conditions. It is also designed to install multiple units on site for efficiency.


Technical Description:

  • Fabric: PVC, Polyester fabric
  • Operating temperature: -20C°-+80C° UV Resistant

Operational Dimension:

  • 150cm x 150cm x 30cm
  • Total Installation Space Required: 214 cm × 214 cm
  • Following the operations, decon can be folded into a compact size for transportation.

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Drain valve.
  • Hose
  • Case weatherproofs.
Walls made by Enclosed-cell foam filled panels (Optional)
  • Ground mat extra protection on rough or sharp ground (Optional)
  • Roof cover (Optional)
  • Storage Box: (Optional)
Production Dossier:
  • Final Inspection Report
  • Accessories Material Certificates
  • Manufacturer Name Plate

Oher Features:

  • Simple assembly, no tools required.
  • User friendly profile for easy cleaning
  • Robust and durable
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Supports adaptation to uneven surfaces.
  • Supplied in a compact carrying case for Q TANK and accessories.