Q Barges

The design of Q Barges provides a safe basis for oil spill recovery as a floating storage container for storing hydrocarbon-based oils and fuels recovered from skimmers or any other source such as workboats. Besides this main purpose, the structure of the barge can also support sorbent boom operation for deployment.

Q Barges can be towed by the vessel or anchored in place while in the service of oil spill responders. Self-propulsion can also be designed with a crane option. The unit has a unique design that allows modules to be stacked on top of each other and then transported by standard trucks. Robust lifting lugs and similar components are available to facilitate launching the barge for use in operations.


Technical Description:

  • Hull Structure: Marine grade aluminum.
  • Type: Barge.
  • Propulsion: Optional.
  • Lifting Lugs: minimum 4-point lug is included.
  • Type Approval & Regulatory Body: Lloyd Approval upon request.

An engineering service is available for the optimization of Q Barges according to the area of use and end-user requirements.

General Characteristics:

  • Length: 40 ft 8 in (12,2 m)
  • Beam, Molded: 16 ft 4 in (8ft 2in each barge – 4,9 m – 2,45 m each barge)
  • Height:3ft 9,8 in (1,15 m)
  • Stacked Height: (2 pieces over each other) 8 ft 6 in (2,55 m)
  • Light Load Weight: 6.400 lbs (2.900 kg)
  • Full Load Weight: 57.600 lbs (26.180 kg)
  • Deck Load Capacity: 16.000 lbs (7.250 kg)
  • Cargo Tank Capacity of Barge Tanks at one barge:
  • In four tanks at one barge set :240 barrels (38 m°1080 USG)

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Painting: None in standard delivery, available upon request
  • Crane: Optional
  • Cabinet: Optional