Q Curtain

Q Curtain boom primary function is to minimize the sediment flow from a work area (construction, dredging, excavation and piling operations) that is adjacent to or within a body of water.

All materials are chosen and manufactured in great caution to prevent long life against the hard and corrosive sea conditions.  Materials are UV and oil resistant to lower the need for maintenance.                                         

Health and safety measures are well taken into design of the Q Boom for access to all components for service use, maintenance, and decontamination.


Technical Description:

• Fabric Type: TPU (Technical Polyurethane), PU   (Polyurethane), PVC Section High tensile and durable Synthetic Rubber CSM (Hypalon), CR (Neoprene) or EP (Polyester/Nylon) are among options.

• Colour: Standard Orange & high visibility (Optional wide  selection from RAL scheme)

• Floating material: Air Chamber or PU (Polyurethane) foam Engineering service is available for optimization of the booms for the usage area and end user requirements.


Accessories & Other Features:

• Handle: Available

• Connectors: ASTM Z connectors are standard

• Chain Material: Galvanised ballast chain

• Anchors: Optional

• Buoys: Optional

• Logo: Optional

• Case: Optional


Manufacturer Data Record:

• Final Inspection Report

• Accessories Material Certificates


Transport Dimension & Weight

Please contact your local sales agent