Q Fence

Q Fence Type Oil Boom is designed for easy deployment and recovery, serving in harbors and on vessels and effective to prevent oil containment in all conditions.

The unique design of the Q Fence Type Boom makes it possible to store the maximum amount on a single compact storage reel.

Q Fence Type Oil Booms can be easily deployed from hydraulically powered Q Reels.

These oil booms can be easily connected to other parts using “Quick Connect” connectors with ASTM standards.

Fence Type Oil Booms are essential aids for oil spill responders worldwide.


Technical Description:

  • Fabric Type: High tensile and durable Synthetic
TPU (Technical Polyurethane), PU (Polyurethane) and PVC. Optional are available upon request.
  • Color: Standard orange & high visibility
(Optional wide selection from RAL scheme)
  • Floating Material: Sponge or PU minimum density
30 kg/m°
  • Chain Type: Min 10mm Galvanized.
  • Working Temperature: -30 – +70 °C
  • Engineering Connections: ASTM-Z

An engineering service is available for optimization of the booms according to the area of use and end user requirements.


Q BOOM 580

Freeboard:22 cm – Draft: 36 cm – Length: 2500 cm

Q BOOM 850

Freeboard:32 cm – Draft: 53 cm – Length: 2500 cm

Q BOOM 1100

Freeboard:40 cm – Draft: 70 cm – Length: 2500 cm


Accessories & Other Features:

  • Handle: Yes
  • Case: Optional
  • Protection Cover: Optional
  • Lighting Pocket: Optional

Production Dossier:

  • Final Inspection Report
  • Accessories Material Certificates
  • Manufacturer Name Plate

Other Features:

  • Easy installation and service on uneven surfaces due to its flexibility.
  • The design allows perfect transition from shore to water where it still holds seal between oil and land and /or water.

Transport Dimension & Weight

Please contact your local sales representative.