Q Permanent

Permanent Boom is designed for use in extreme working conditions such as permanent installations in harbors, platforms, shipyards, rivers and water intakes.

All materials are carefully selected and manufactured to ensure long life against hard and/or corrosive water conditions for long term service. Materials are UV and oil resistant to reduce the need for maintenance.

Q Permanent Boom, with its strong structure, provides long term containment and interception of waste even in harsh conditions.

These oil booms can be easily connected to other parts using “Quick Connect” connectors with ASTM standards.

Q Permanent Booms are an essential aid for waste collection operations and oil response teams worldwide.


Technical Description:

• Fabric Type: made of two layers of court fabric which is rubber coated material and oil & fuel-oil proof.

• Fabric Tensile Strength: min. 400 kg / cm2

• Floating Material: Closed cell polyethylene.

• Chain Type: Min 10mm Galvanized

• Working Temperature: -30 – +70 °C

• Connections: ASTM-Z


Accessories & Other Features:

• Handle: Yes

• Anchor Sets: Optional

• Tow Bridle: Optional

• Marker Lights or Reflectors: Optional


Production Dossier:

• Final Inspection Report

• Accessories Material Certificates

• Manufacturer Name Plate


Transport Dimension & Weight

Please contact your local sales representative.


Engineering service is available for optimization of the booms for the usage area and end user requirements.