Q Power Pack

Q Power Packs are designed for interrupted power supply in all conditions to ensure and meet the oil spill responders need.

Q Power Packs are designed for safe and easy handling with 4-point lifting lugs and suitable for forklift operations, where Q Power Packs could be deployed at all surface conditions. All terrain wheels could be installed for easy maneuver and transport.

Main components are manufactured from high quality steel or aluminium to prevent long life against the hard and corrosive sea conditions.                                               

Health and safety measures are well taken into design of the Q Power Packs for access to all components for service use, maintenance, and decontamination. Compact design and modular capabilities can be adjusted to meet all your current and future requirements.


Technical Description:

• Capacity: ranges from 10 Kw – to 100 Kw  (other capacities are available upon demand)

• Type:  Diesel Engine

• 4 Stroke

• Cooling: Forced circulation water cooling / air cooling

• Electric engine start: Yes

• Chassis: Steel structure (Stainless is available upon demand)

• Roof: Optional

• Lifting lugs: 4-point lug is included

• Forklift racks: Included


Accessories & Other Features:

• Painting: Manufacturer standard

• Case: Heavy duty cover Optional

• Cabinet & Insulation: Optional


Connections & Hydraulic Pack:

• Hydraulic pump could be equipped with several independent outlets providing the different flows rates.

• Quick connections: Available

• Hydraulic pack is suitable for the following operations: Reel – Skimmers – Pumps – Crane – and other similar purposes.


Manufacturer Data Record:

• Final Inspection Report

• Accessories Material Certificates

• Manufacturer Name Plate


Transport Dimension & Weight

Please contact your local sales agent.