Q Reel

The Q Reel is designed for safe and easy deployment and recovery of oil booms and is suitable for efficient boom deployment in harbors and on vessels.

For faster and easier handling, the reel can be safely lifted out of forklift channels with 4-point lifting points as standard for both onshore and offshore operations.


Technical Description:

  • Capacity: HDB 1200: 150 – 250 m
  • Volume: 3,3 m° Frame
  • Spool Material: Steel / Stainless Steel / Marine grade aluminum as preference
  • Surface Treatment: Grid Stoning SA ½ for Carbon Steel
  • Propulsion Type: Manuel, Diesel Hydraulic, Electrical and Pneumatic option as preference

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Roller: SKF
  • Painting: RAL Customer preference
  • Logo: Optional
  • Case: Optional

Transport Dimension & Weight

Length (Section) 2000 – 2750 mm
Width 1500-2500 mm
Height 1500 – 2500 mm
Weight 350 – 750 kg
Spool Width 11500 mm