Q Shore Protector

Q Shore Protector Boom is designed to be safely and easily deployed and recovered where it is effective to prevent oil containment in all conditions for use in water (River & Lake & Sea) and on land.

All materials are selected and manufactured with great care and caution to ensure long life against harsh and corrosive marine conditions. The materials are UV and oil resistant to reduce the need for maintenance.

The Q Shore Protector Boom is an essential aid for oil spill responders globally where other booms can be rapidly connected to provide continuous protection on the coastline with ASTM Z connectors.

The easy-to-use construction of the Q Shore Protector Boom helps to transport it to the site with manpower.


Technical Description:

  • Fabric Type: High tensile and durable PVC or PU
  • Color: Standard orange & high visibility (Optional wide selection from RAL scheme)
  • Floating material: Air
  • Ballast: Sea water
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C

An engineering service is available for optimization of the booms according to the area of use and end user requirements.

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Handle: Available
  • Connectors: ASTM Z connectors are standard.
  • Case: Included
  • Valve: Monsun or equivalent

Production Dossier:

  • Final Inspection Report
  • Accessories Material Certificates
  • Manufacturer Name & Data

Other Features:

  • Easy installation and service on uneven surfaces due to its flexibility.
  • The design allows perfect transition from shore to water where it still holds seal between oil and land and/or water.

Dimension & Weight

Standard section lengths: 10-15-20-25 m
Total height: Between 380 to 500 mm


Please consult your sales representative for freeboard and draft.