Q Solflot

Q Solflot Boom is designed for safe and easy deployment and recovery where effective to prevent oil entrapment in all conditions while in service in harbors and on vessel.

All materials have been selected and manufactured with great care to guarantee long life against harsh and corrosive sea conditions. The materials are UV and oil resistant to reduce the need for maintenance.


Technical Description:

  • Fabric Type: Polyurethane, PU.
  • Standard orange & high visibility (Optional selection from RAL scheme)
  • Floating material: Polyethylene or Polystyrene Foam

An engineering service is available for optimization of the booms according to the area of use and end user requirements.

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Handle: Cut-out marine rope
  • Connectors: ASTM Z connectors are standard.
  • Chain Material: Galvanized ballast chain
  • Case: Optional
  • Protection Cover: Optional
  • Tow Bridles: Optional
  • Anchor Systems: Optional

Production Dossier:

  • Final Inspection Report
  • Accessories Material Certificates
  • Manufacturer Name Plate

Dimension & Weight

Length (Section) 25.000 mm or 30.000 mm
Height 700mm – 900 mm – 1100 mm
Weight to be confirmed before delivery