Q Sorb

Q Sorb products are available in various forms:

  • Q Sorb Boom
  • Q Sorb Pads
  • Q Sorb Pillow
  • Q Sorb Granules
  • Q Sorb Socks


  • All Q products are made of 100% polypropylene fibers, and they are durable polypropylene material is both resilient and long lasting.
  • Sorbents are effective solution for containing smaller oil spills.
  • These cost-effective sorbents quickly soak up hydrocarbon-based fluids.
  • Sorbents absorb only oil, not water and can contain up to 10 times their own weight and keep the oil inside.
  • These sorbents are suitable for the spills occurred at sea and on land.

Technical Description:

  • Raw Material: %100 Polypropylene
  • Type: Hydrophobic
  • Application on Fabric: Universal
  • Bonding /Embossing Type: Dimpled / Ultrasonic Bonded
  • Fabric Color: White
  • Free Floating: Yes
  • Melting point/melting range: approx. 160 Celsius
Degree (PP), approx.
  • Flammability: not easily flammable
(Above 300 Celsius Degree may be released: toxic and flammable gases)