Q Spill Kits

Q Spill Kits are designed for easy deployment and fast operation to contain, control, and clean up spills or leaks. The design will support you to carry out the operation with minimum effort.

The structure and content of the tools are designed and calculated to store all the equipment required to be present on site. The content can be modified and defined according to the needs of the end user.

Q Spill Kits have been selected for long life and high quality content to help you create a clean and safe environment.

The unique design of the Q Spill Kit makes it possible to store the maximum amount in one compact tank.

Q Spill Kits are indispensable aids for oil spill responders worldwide, where HSE measures are well taken in the design of the units.


Different configurations are available for optimization of the spill kits

for different usage area and end user requirements.


Technical Description:

• General structure of the units contains the following.

• Container: Plastic and PVC bags in various volumes.

• Absorbent: High quality long shelve life.

• PPE: Gloves, Safety glass, overall.

• Spray & Bottle.

• Telescopic broom handle.

• Broom set.

• Disposal bags.

• Cleaning liquids.

• Shovel set.


Accessories & Other Features:

• Logo: Optional

• Protection Cover: Optional


Manufacturer Data Record:

• Final Inspection Report

• Accessories Material Certificates

• Manufacturer Name Plate


Transport Dimension & Weight

Available in various sizes.

Please contact your local sales agent.