Q Temporary Storage Tanks

Q Temporary Storage Tanks are durable storage units that feature multi-purpose use as well as easy installation.

The unit is designed for safe and easy deployment and collection of waste and is suitable for efficient deployment in all conditions.

Q Temporary Storage Tanks provide a large, instant temporary storage facility that can be pumped using Q Pumps for oil recovered on site, while multiple tanks can be connected. All connections are compatible with skimming and pump units.

The time required for installation is less than 10 minutes with two personnel.


Technical Description:

  • Fabric: PVC
  • Structure: Galvanized steel
  • Joints: Aluminum
  • Capacity:2.500-5.000-10.000-15.000 and 20.000 liters
  • Operating temperature: -20C° – +80C° UV Resistant

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Drain Valve & Discharge Valve
  • Ground Mat: Included extra protection on rough or sharp ground.
  • Roof Cover & Storage Box: Included
  • Spare parts including repair kits with disposable polyene liners.

Transport Dimension & Weight

Please consult your sales representative for details.