Q Vacuum Cleaner

The Q Vacuum Cleaner is designed for safe and easy recovery of a wide range of applicants from the water and land surface, where it can be efficiently deployed at sea and in shallow waters such as harbors.

The Q Vacuum Cleaner combines high vacuum capacity in a compact package, offering proven performance, superior design, and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

The Q Vacuum Cleaner features a unique skid design for easy handling and maneuvering, where the reliable positive displacement blower includes electrical power supply combined on a single trailer with skid.

Q Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for recovery of:

  • Oil spills,
  • HNS spills,
  • Seaweed,
  • Algae,
  • Sea snot (Mucilage),
  • Contaminant mixed with debris and sludge.

Technical Description:

  • Type: Handle operated suction head.
  • Free Floating: NA
  • Oil Viscosity: For recovery of medium to light oil.
  • Materials: Steel / Stainless Steel / Marine grade aluminum
  • Vacuum suction system power source:
Diesel & Electric driven

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Vacuum Safety: Vacuum Safety Valve and Vacuum Gauge
  • Level controlling: Float valve
  • Extension Tube: 50 – 125 mm PVC
  • Vacuum Hose: 50 – 5 mt.
  • Container Capacity: 120 It. or 180 It
  • Container Diameter. 0 400
  • Container Material: Aluminum
  • Connection Diameter: 0 50
  • Accessory Diameter: 0 50
  • Painting: Manufacturer standard
  • Trolley and other options are available for transport.
  • Case: NA (on skid)

Vacuum capacities available:

20 m3 60 m3 100 m3


Transport Dimension & Weight

Please consult your sales representative for details.