Q Rock Cleaner

Q Rock Cleaner is designed for easy oil recovery from the surface of stone, rock and solid mineral material, which can be efficiently used on the seashore and in areas with shallow water and all available mineral materials.

The unique ability of the rock cleaner supports the separation of stone and solid mineral material with different oil content from the seashore.


Technical Description:

  • Capacity: Recovery Rate: 12 m3/hr (Other capacities are available)
  • Type: Rock Cleaner (Including brush and 2 other straight nozzle and a pan type head)
  • Oil Viscosity: all kind of oil
  • Materials: Steel / Stainless Steel / Marine grade aluminum as preference
  • Propulsion Type: Manuel, Diesel Hydraulic, Electrical and Pneumatic option as preference

Accessories & Other Features:

  • Roller: SKF up 204 and 6007 H
  • Painting: Manufacturer standard
  • Piping for discharge: Petroleum products compatible
  • Piping for discharge connection type: Male-Female Camlock
  • Hydraulic piping: including quick couplings.
  • Pan & Head: Optional
  • Case: Optional

Transport Dimension & Weight

Width 200mm
Height 1.500 mm
Weight 8Kg (+/-%5)